Kylie Kenny

Who I am

Kylie is the owner of Yarn Creative and organiser of The Yarn Retreat’s across Australia. Her passion is organising retreats in stunning locations where crafters can gather, create and most of all relax. There is nothing better than the feeling of arriving in a stunning new location, full of anticipation and excitement for the coming days.

I learnt to crochet at the age of 6 and knitting soon after and have always come back to them at various times throughout my life. Creating is my passion and I have tried everything from mosaics to quilting to dressmaking (that was an epic fail) but I have settled into a deep love of yarn and using it to create beautiful items. 

Live. Love. Knit.

Kylie Kenny  OWNER
0412 140 895  |  info@yarncreative.com.au
Samford, Queensland Australia