Project Tote Set – 3 Piece Set


A large project bag which holds at least 4 skeins of yarn and your project.

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The Project Tote set is a unique, stunning and durable project bag set which is perfect for any crafter on the go. Each set is made from individually chosen fabrics and handmade in Queensland.

BIG WOOL SHOW SPECIAL – includes a coordinating Yarn Cake Bag FREE!

The set includes a Project Tote Bag, Bucket Bag and Notions Pocket (not shown in pictures).

The set includes a Tote Bag by Clive Street which has been customised to perfectly fit a Bucket Bag and Notions Pocket by Yarn Creative plus a whole lot more.

Tote Bag by Clive Street:
• Stylish, unique and durable design which stands upright when placed on the ground
• Made from upcycled billboard skins, seatbelts and lining offcuts, most of which were previously dumped.
• Billboard is cut individually to compliment the fabrics used for the lining, bucket bag and notions pocket.
• Tote measures 40cm x 40cm with a gusset 14cm wide approximately
• Features two inside pockets (perfect for your needle case and wallet, phone and keys) and one on the outside customised to
fit the notions pocket.
• Tote size has been customised to fit the bucket bag, but there is plenty of additional room for more ‘stuff’ or project bags.
• Long handle slide easily over your shoulder.

Bucket Bag:
• My most poplular bag as it is cute, useful and deceiving in size – holds 3 skeins and your project.
• Sits nicely beside you while your yarn feeds out the top or you can hang it off your chair, perfect for camping!
• 100% cotton fabric used for the bucket, notions pocket and tote lining has been individually chosen to look amazing
• Measures 20cm high x 18cm diameter
• Fully lined, stabilised and includes a lavender pouch

Notions Pocket:
• Carries all your tools and odds and ends in one handy place
• Slides perfectly into the outside pocket of the tote bag
• Clear front lets you see what you have or are trying to grab
• If you change project bags, you can just pick it up and go and know that all your tools are there!



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Weight .590 kg
Dimensions 30 × 26 × 22 cm


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